Training Diary Day 250-265

Training Diary Day 243-249
24th May 2018
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30th May 2018
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Day 252

My latest crate purchase has arrived! The pop up crate was taking a hammering so I have got a fold down fabric crate which seems to be better for the job.  Much higher front lip and doesn’t turn into a zorb when Erik leans against it.  He seems to really like it.  The weekend will be a good test for durability.

Day 253

This week has been busy leading up to the 2018 positive gundog training conference, so not much training since the weekend. Today we were setting up the conference venue so Erik had a lot of hanging around ‘supervising’.  He was really calm and was happy just carrying his ball and pottering with me.  We were camping again and during meal times I popped him in his crate with the door open and he settled really well.

Day 254

Much of Erik’s day was spent in the car due to me having to supervise the running of the conference but he did manage to come out to take part in the scurries in the evening. This was the first real ‘group’ event that he has attended since the commencement of our anti squeak training.  To say that I was pleased with him would be a massive understatement.   I got him out of the car and walked him around to warm him up, he had a bit of a free run to toilet and then I walked circles with him on a lead whilst waiting our turn – no noise and very calm.  We then went in and had a go at the scurry which he did very well at, the fastest time of the day!!  However, the most exciting thing for me was that Erik and I then sat and watched the rest of the dogs doing the scurry for about 10 -15 mins and he was quiet, see top picture.  He had even put his ball down and was very relaxed whilst watching. Woo Hoo!  He made one squeak after about 15 mins and I took him back to the car for a rest.

Day 255

I was teaching for the last day of the conference and so I had Erik along with his trusty fabric crate with the door open. He was with me for 4 x 1.5 hr sessions and only came out twice and was popped back in.  No noise and he was very relaxed for the whole time.

Day 256

We finished tidying up after the conference and then drove home, another long day in the car for both of us as we went home via visiting my new pup who will be joining us in the next couple of weeks. He will have his own blog to help me keep track of his training – coming soon 🙂

Day 257

I had some days off where Erik and I just mooched and went for some good long walks and then back to work so again not much training.

Day 263

We went to see a friend to do some more crate training and gundog training, all went well, Erik was very relaxed in his crate and not at all bothered by what was going on. I think now we need to up the ante a bit to the next level.  Good consolidation though.

Day 265

Today was another crate games session at the barn with different dogs. Erik did some work and also did a lot of chilling out in the crate.  All good.