Profile : Gwen Johnson

Gwen Johnson

Gwen and Muddiford Scrubbing Brush

Gwen has been training dogs for competitive sports since the year 2000. Her dogs have taken her to well known events such as Crufts, Olympia and the World Agility Open. Gwen has vast experience training different breeds of dogs and has a talent for tailoring her teaching to suit the needs of her students – both canine and Human.

Her current dog Pie, an Australian Cattle dog has excelled in many arenas, She is a Show Champion, she is grade 5 in Agility (after her first season competing) and has recently gained her Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate (on Dummies)

Gwen has a deep rooted passion for positive reinforcement training, for making the best of each team and for celebrating the talents of our amazing dogs.

Workshop – Treating Distractions as a big game!

Potential distractions are EVERYWHERE and one of the real dog training struggles is how to help our dogs understand how to work through, resist and ignore various interesting things while remaining cognitive and responsive to us and their work.

We will look at how to teach your dogs the concept of working through distractions, how to see the potential benefits in having distractions around and how to make ourselves much more interesting and valuable to our dogs, so there is no question or doubt in their mind – as to where their focus belongs.

Workshop – Heelwork

Good Heelwork is one of the most beautiful things to see and to do with our dogs, it can feel like we are in absolute harmony with each other. However, I am aware that some people can find it dull or challenging – we will look at the building blocks that we need to create understanding and games we can play to bring true joy so your dog really wants to do it and really understands what it is all about.