Puppy Training

It has been proven beyond any doubt that the first few months of your dog’s life are the most important in its behavioural development. It is during this precious time up to about 16 weeks that your pup learns how to interact with the world around it, especially how to act appropriately with its own species (other dogs) and alien species (humans, other animals). Once these weeks are past you do not get a second chance, no matter how hard you work at it. It is therefore absolutely essential that you put in a lot of work to your puppy during these formative weeks.

Puppy training is an indispensable foundation for the rest of your dog’s life. At our sessions puppies learn how to act around humans, be handled by strangers, interact with adult dogs, and start to learn the basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and walking on the lead without pulling.

All of the above is made so much easier if your pup has first learnt self-control.  We want your pup to learn that all the good stuff in life happens by being calm, not by being a boisterous, pushy, mini-thug.  This calm behaviour is established through a series of games and they are the foundation upon which all your puppy’s training is based.

Be prepared

If you have never had a puppy before it can be quite a shock when that cute bundle turns into a weeing and pooing velociraptor.  We offer a puppy preparation session that will ensure you have all the bits and pieces you need to make both your lives easier as well as prepare you for those first few weeks when you otherwise might feel quite at sea.  These sessions are best held at your home so that we can advise you how to adapt what you have to make your puppy’s introduction as smooth as possible.