This method of training animals is gaining in popularity and deservedly so. Firmly based in behavioural science, it is a kind, fair and effective way of communicating with your pet. I (Sally) have used this method exclusively with my own animals since 1996 and encourage my pupils to do the same. I have studied the science behind the method at university and now lecture on it at Exeter University.

I learned the more hands-on approach of the method from the people who first used it commercially in the 1940’s, Marion Breland-Bailey and her husband Bob Bailey. Bob and Marion use chickens as the teaching model and I can assure you it was quite an experience teaching a chicken to do an obstacle course!

Leanne and Sally met in Scotland where Sally was teaching an Advanced Clicker Training seminar which Leanne was attending with her own dog in order to further her knowledge.  We both use this method in all areas of our training and encourage our clients to do the same.

New clients receive a clicker free of charge with their first clicker session.

For more information on clicker training, please go to my links page and browse some of the many sites available as well as seeing a video of my agility chicken