One to One Training

If you want to get ahead, go private. This applies to many areas in life and is certainly applicable to dog training. People opt for private training sessions for many reasons. Some dogs are too distracted in a class environment and cannot learn with another dog in the room. Some may be too nervous or perhaps too reactive to be integrated into a class straight away. Other people may not be able to make the times when the classes are held. Some people may prefer to be able to concentrate on the current aspects of training that are most applicable to their dog. It could be that the owner is hard of hearing and finds a class environment difficult.

Attending a one to one session allows you to concentrate on learning with your dog.  All teaching can be tailored to your needs and abilities and we work hard to make sure it is quality time spent with your companion.  Once you and your dog have developed a strong understanding you will find it much easier to integrate into otherwise stressful group, working or competitive situations.

Please be aware that we train you to train your dog.  It would be easy for us to train your dog for you but then it may only work for us, not for you.