Training Diary Day 266-272

Training Diary Day 250-265
30th May 2018
Raising Ragnar – 1st Instalment
1st June 2018
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Day 267

We went to train with a friend who I used to train with several times a week to see how Erik would cope. He gets very excited when we go to this friend’s farm even when we just go for a walk so this really was a step up in difficulty.  We took all the dogs for a quick walk and dip in the river and then did some training.  I put Erik in the fabric crate with the door closed and then my friend trained three of her dogs with me throwing dummies etc.  There was some minor squeaking but Erik managed to lie down for some of it.  I made the decision not to get Erik out and train him as I need him to find his off switch in this circumstance too.  A good first effort, no tantrum and no screaming.  Definitely better than what it would have been like if I hadn’t done all the crate games work.

We will hopefully be able to get back to regular sessions with this friend and be able to progress from there.

Day 269

Today was a bit of a landmark day, we went to get the new puppy 🙂

Bit of a boring day for Erik 8hrs in the car with short walks to break it up.

Day 270

We had a quiet day today but Erik is going to have to be learning more self-control around the pup’s food as he can’t eat normal food due to an inability to digest protein, so needs a special food. More ‘It’s yer choice’ games in his future I feel!!!

Day 271

Erik is learning to walk nicely on a lead when I am carrying the puppy, apparently it is very exciting and caused his brain to switch off. Also new toys around the place mean that he has to learn to switch off with squeaky toys on the floor.  Today is better as he is getting used to them so they are not too exciting now.

Day 272

The puppy is now wanting to play some more and so the run/don’t run work is coming into force. Erik is learning to let me play with a toy with the puppy and not steal it and play with a different toy with me.  This is early days, but good progress.  He is also being very good at not going out the front door even when the puppy shoots out when I go out to the car.