Training Diary Day 243-249

Training Diary Day 238-242
30th April 2018
Training Diary Day 250-265
30th May 2018
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Day 246

I took the pop up crate into the field today along with some training kit. I started out working on ‘go to bed’ and all the basic crate games working on building value in sending to the new crate.  I have decided on all four feet and head inside the crate even when the door is open as my criteria now.  I think this will be easiest to police.  I had to zip up the door once but after that he kept his head inside even when I was setting up exercises.

Day 247

I took the pop up crate into the field again today and the send to crate exercises went much better. More understanding of going all the way in and staying put.  The pop up crate is not very tall so it is easiest for Erik to lie down rather than sit to be released so I am allowing that.  He has worked out that if his feet are on the pipe insulation that he doesn’t get rewarded so that is a good step forward.

He managed to stay with his head inside when I went to set up some training exercises so that seems to have landed. I need to continue with this consolidation of understanding.

Day 248

We did some more settle on a mat training at a farm shop café after a lovely walk. All quiet and relaxed when I was there but a bit squeaky and stressy when I went in to the shop and left Erik with a friend.  I don’t often get chance to leave him with anyone else so not too worried about this.

Day 249

We did some more training out in a friend’s field today in the pop up crate, much better on keeping his head and feet inside the crate and curled up in the back for a lot of the training today. Even when I went and threw some dummies out and hid some things for hunting he managed not to get excited until I released him.  We practice some basic crate games stuff with the hunting exercise still set up and he managed to send back to the crate and go all the way in just fine 🙂

We then went to the pub with my parents for lunch and we sat out in the pub garden with the pop up crate – that crate will be well travelled by the end of this training! He was brilliant and stayed inside with no noise even when another dog walked past.  I zipped him in when I went inside and he was quiet and calm staying in the crate with my parents nearby.  He started to come out when the waitress started to talk to him but he managed to stay mostly inside with just his front feet coming out.  He went back in when I told him.  So very pleased with him as we were there for over an hour and he was very chilled throughout – see pic. As a reward we went for a lovely walk by the river with some swimming – just for Erik, not me!!  Although Erik did share quite a bit of the river with me when he shook  🙂