The Diary of a Squeaky Gundog

8th September 2017


My name is Leanne and this is Erik my 4 yr old Working Cocker Spaniel. Erik is an amazingly talented little chap who hunts and retrieves […]
25th April 2018

Training Diary Day 228- 237

Day 228 – 231 Erik managed to be quiet in the back of the car in his crate with the boot lid up whilst I was firing […]
19th April 2018

Training Diary Day 213 – 227

Day 213-217 We have had several sessions training retrieve work and the bucket cue discrimination game. Today I started using the crate as the place to […]
12th April 2018

Training Diary Day 200 – 212

We have been continuing to work on all of the impulse control behaviours such as run/don’t run and have ben incorporating some cue discrimination work with […]
22nd March 2018

Training Diary Day 181-199

Day 181 More crate games today and I worked on rewarding relaxed behaviour. In the final session I had to get Erik out to be a […]
22nd March 2018

Impulse control, Self-management and Handler-cued control

I thought I would digress from the training diary for a minute to put down my thoughts on the difference between Impulse control, self-management and handler […]
3rd March 2018

Training Diary Day 175-180

Day 175 We managed to get in some more lead work training today, it is improving again as we are trying to get more road work […]