The Diary of a Squeaky Gundog

8th September 2017


My name is Leanne and this is Erik my 4 yr old Working Cocker Spaniel. Erik is an amazingly talented little chap who hunts and retrieves […]
11th December 2018

Training Diary Day 401 to 433

Day 401-408 Again not much is happening apart from maintenance. Day 409 Erik is very pleased to be on holiday, he did a happy dance in […]
11th December 2018

Training Diary Day 332 to 400

Day 333 We had another day pottering and unpacking. Day 334-340 Back to normal life again, so getting back into normal routines and trying to do […]
6th August 2018

Training Diary Day 305-332

Day 305-316 I have been maintaining criteria with Erik and he did one session of crate games. All going well. Day 317-318 The Water work weekend, […]
5th July 2018

Training Diary Day 273 – 304

Day 273-282 Actively training Erik has been a bit of a challenge since the puppy’s arrival. Erik has settled to being a puppy sitter very well […]
30th May 2018

Training Diary Day 266-272

Day 267 We went to train with a friend who I used to train with several times a week to see how Erik would cope. He […]
30th May 2018

Training Diary Day 250-265

Day 252 My latest crate purchase has arrived! The pop up crate was taking a hammering so I have got a fold down fabric crate which […]