Welcome to Dogs R Dogs

As dog owners, we are in the privileged position of sharing our homes with members of another species. The name of this business, Dogs R Dogs, never lets us forget that we are not living with furry people with waggy tails, but another social species with different rules and communication system to our own. It never ceases to amaze us how well humans and dogs co-exist for most of the time and indeed, many of us consider our dog to be a family member as well as perhaps a work colleague or a competition partner.

Our aim is to help you live in harmony with your dog. We encourage owners to understand their dog’s view of the world and all our training methods are based on trust and cooperation rather than fear or force. Having said that, we also live in the real world and know that there are some situations that have to be handled right here, right now. Where this occurs we work closely with both dog and owner to find mutually acceptable solutions to any problems.

Owning a dog should be a joy, not a chore. We want you to be able to share days out with your dog where he can run free on the beach or in the park chasing a ball and bringing it back to you for more fun. We want you to be able to sit in a café or pub for food and drink and have your dog lying calmly by your side. We want your dog to be able to stay at hotels or campsites with you and be as happy and relaxed there as he is at home. We want complete strangers to remark on how well-behaved your dog is. We want you to be proud of your dog.

Most of our teaching is done on a one-to-one basis (although you may share with a friend) so you can be assured of good attention at all times. For more information on the services that we can provide, please read on.