Whilst I love my chosen career, it is still the way that I earn my living and as such have to charge money for my time and expertise.  My rates are very reasonable especially for a person with such experience and academic qualifications.  Just compare my hourly rates with those charged by your local car mechanic and you will see I am much cheaper.  Hopefully you love your dog more than you do your car!

Many of my clients have been with me for years and appreciate my position.  However, a significant minority of clients cancel with little or no notice in spite of being made aware of my cancellation fee policy when booking.  This means that I am now asking clients to pay in advance for their first session by direct bank transfer, details are provided with your first booking.

Personal Training Sessions

For completeness, my cancellation fee policy for the personal training is as follows:

If you have to cancel a lesson there is a cancellation fee unless.
Less than 48 hours: full price of lesson.

2 – 7 days: 50% of price of lesson
Cancellation fees also apply to home visits.
Cancellations fees must be paid before attending the next session.

If you have tried to contact me to cancel a lesson and have not had confirmation that I have received the information please try to contact me again.  If you do not receive a confirmation from me that your cancellation has been received a cancellation fee will be charged.

Please use email – leanne@dogsrdogs.co.uk or text or call on 07811 048555 as FB messages are likely to be missed.

Rescheduling lessons: – If I cannot reschedule a lesson on the same day, this will be seen as a cancellation.

Bitches in season are allowed to come along to 121 sessions and groups.  Please let me know if your bitch has come into season if you are attending a group session so that I can be aware.

The Annual PGTC Event

The cancellation terms are:

Ticket purchases need to be paid for in full at the time of purchase and are non refundable.
You can transfer tickets to another person, please let me know via email so that I can update the attendee data.  leanne@dogsrdogs.co.uk

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