Training Diary Day 755-846

Training Diary Day 701-754
2nd February 2020
Training Diary Day 855-876
2nd February 2020
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Day 755-846

These last few months have been a bit of a right off, both dogs have been on restricted exercise due to injury so the only training we have been doing is lead walking and physio.  The up side is that Erik’s lead work is much more consistent 😊

We did manage to get out on Boxing day to go beating and had a really good time.  A massive breakthrough with Erik – he was quiet in the beaters wagon on the way to the first drive.  Amazing and very exciting for me, after working on this for 2 years we are seeing some major progress.  Woop Woop! He also managed to walk really nicely on a slip lead for the first time ever out on a shoot.  He had a couple of short-lived times when he pulled but other than that he was really good, I almost couldn’t believe that it was the same dog!

We still have some work to do in order to be able to stand still and wait between drives, but he wasn’t too bad when waiting off lead during a drive.