Positive Gundog Training Conference


The Positive Gundog Training Conference came about to try to help connect and educate people about training gundogs using science based, positive training techniques. We aim to bring together top trainers from around the country to help spread ideas and techniques throughout the positive gundog training community.



There are two outdoor training workshops with handler places and one indoor lecture running simultaneously for each session during the day so there is plenty to choose from. Handler places are pre booked and are limited to 6 dogs per workshop so that the handlers can have good interaction with the speakers and learn a lot during each session.  Spectators are able to choose each day which training session that they would like to watch.

We have two exciting new trainers joining the line-up this year, Collette May and Sally Richardson. Returning speakers are Sian Ryan, Helen Phillips, Jane Ardern and Leanne Smith.  For full details on all the speakers please see their profile pages.  Details on the workshop subjects can be found on the Timetable page.

We are hoping for another brilliant weekend’s training following on from the success of May 2017 at Top Barn Farm near Worcester. We will be staying at this great venue for 2018 as there is plenty of space for the training, scurries and camping.  For the full details of 2017 conference there is a write up below.

From 2018 the conference will be run on a bi-annual basis, so the next one will be in 2020.

Tracey Rich photography will be returning for 2018 with opportunities to have a portrait session for you and your dog and also to have pictures of your dogs’ working in the training workshops. Potrait sessions can be booked directly with Tracey – www.traceyrich.com.

The Gundog Club UK will be coming to the conference again and there will be opportunities to be assessed at Grade 1 and Grade 2. These will need to be pre booked with The Gundog Club by contacting them by email using admin@thegundogclub.co.uk


Booking will be opening from 1st Sept 2017.

For a booking form please email Leanne using gundogs@dogsrdogs.co.uk

The Gundogs @ Dogs R Dogs team hope that you will have a thoroughly enjoyable weekend.

For more information please follow the links in the Positive Gundog Conference Training Pull down Menu above.


PGTC 2017 Review

Saturday began with all the delegates arriving on a beautiful sunny day, to the lovely venue at Top Barn Farm near Worcester. After the opening get together all the delegates split up to go to their chosen workshops.

Philippa Williams was demonstrating Advanced Retrieving techniques with her dogs; Jane Ardern was showing people how to work successfully with multiple dogs and Sian Ryan gave Part 1 of her seminar on Self Control.

After lunch Philippa held a workshop on directions, Jane gave a workshop on Clicker retrieve and Sian carried on with Part 2 of her Self Control workshop.

Saturday evening was taken up with the Scurries sponsored by Clicker Gundog which were thoroughly enjoyed by all present. The day finished with the sun setting over happy people and dogs sitting on hay bales chatting about the day.  Tracey Rich Photography who was at the whole conference took photographs of the scurries and the workshops to provide a lasting memory for those who took part.

Sunday began with Helen Phillips teaching her workshop on Reliability of core behaviours, Leanne Smith gave a workshop looking at Rewards and Reinforcers, and Sarah Hedderly gave a seminar on Identifying injuries in the gundog.

Sunday afternoon saw Helen looking at Self-control Games, Leanne presenting Teaching the Stop Whistle, and Sarah giving her second presentation on the Fitness of the gun dog – pre, mid and post season. As the day drew to a close we all gathered in the marquee to close the conference and to say goodbye for another year.

It appeared that the weekend was a success and there were a lot of tired but happy people driving home on Sunday evening with brains packed full of what they had learned over the two days. Some of the delegates had cars packed with goodies that they had bought at the stalls, lots of ‘absolutely essential’ gundog training equipment, ‘Soggy Dog’ towels, lanyards and perfect fit harnesses.

Hope to see you all in 2018!