Raising Ragnar – 1st Instalment

Training Diary Day 266-272
30th May 2018
Raising Ragnar – 2nd Instalment
1st June 2018
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This is Ragnar, he joined us today. He is a working cocker spaniel and this blog follows his adventures and training as he grows up.  I would ultimately like to see if we can Field Trial with Ragnar but only time will tell if we achieve this.   This blog will help me keep track of his training and also the fun things he gets up to as he grows.  I doubt this will be updated every day as things will become more hectic now I have two of them to train but I will keep you all informed of his progress.

Ragnar has come from a lovely breeder who has been doing lots of stuff with the litter to get them ready for their new homes, very grateful to her for this especially as she has been taking them for rides in the car so that our 4 hr journey home went without a hitch. Ragnar slept for two hours, then had a comfort break and a run around in the sunshine then slept for the next two hours until we arrived home.  No sickness and no accidents in the car – what more could you want 🙂

I tend to have my pups sleep in the bedroom with me in a crate by the bed so that I can let them out to the toilet in the night. I feel that this helps them to feel secure and also means that I don’t have to retrain not toileting in the house.

The first night was a bit fun, up every 2 hrs to go to the toilet and about 10 mins to settle him down after each visit out. Very tired for day 2!


Today was great, a beautifully sunny hot day which was just right for hanging around at home letting the puppy settle in. I could leave the back door open ready for quick trips to the garden for toileting duties.  Also there was a day of NCIS on the TV just right for vegging out after a long day driving and broken night with Ragnar.

We went for a couple of walks up to my parent’s house so that he could rampage around in their garden for a bit and I could walk Erik. Ragnar gets very heavy after a short time carrying him in my game bag.  He seemed to take it all in his stride and just sat and watched the world go by.

He slept a lot but didn’t eat much so I just let him recharge and acclimatise with no pressure to do anything. Just learning about him and how he rolls 🙂


A better night last night, still regular trips out to the toilet but went back to sleep straight away after going back into the crate. I feel a bit less tired today too.  Yesterday just chillin’ did us all a power of good.

Ragnar ate a bit more today which was good and seems livelier. He does not want to be carried anymore he want to get out and walk!  Eventually he settled to just being carried and he had a run around at my parent’s again.

Ragnar had a vet check-up today and the vet liked him a lot. He seemed to take all of that in his stride and met lots of new people.  We went round to visit a friend and he had a rampage around her garden.

Lots of sleeping too and so I have managed to get a little caught up on my admin.

He is starting to learn that I will only open the crate door if he is not jumping up. I will progress this to sitting over the next few days; no rush.  🙂   I can’t do any training yet as he isn’t much interested in food, but that will come so I am happy to wait and let him continue to settle.