Training Diary Day 175-180

Training Diary Day 162-174
3rd March 2018
Impulse control, Self-management and Handler-cued control
22nd March 2018
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Day 175

We managed to get in some more lead work training today, it is improving again as we are trying to get more road work in joining up some small green spaces where Erik can run.

We then had a good walk in the woods with friends.

We are also continuing with the stay out of the kitchen training and stay in your bed when visitors arrive.  This is getting loads better and he is much calmer during peoples visits, not needing to be fussed and interacted with so much.  My parents have also commented on how much better he is settling when we are at their house for a visit.

Day 176

More crate games today, changed it up a bit and Erik came out to do some work before going back to watching. Only a little bit of noise and that was when one dog was having zoomies round the room.

More lead work again.

Day 177

More group crate games today, really pleased as Erik is now settling well and curling up at the back of the crate. There was only a small amount of noise when things got very exciting.  Looks like we have finally got to the point where he isn’t expecting anything exciting to happen, at last. 18 hrs of group crate games to get to this point!

Day 178-180

We worked on run/don’t run; stop whistles; lead work; and some more direction work with piles of dummies.