Training Diary Day 134 – 161

Training Diary Day 103-133
11th January 2018
Training Diary Day 162-174
3rd March 2018
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Day 134 – 161

Well another month has gone by with me still being under the weather and so training has continued to take a back seat. I have been maintaining what we have been working on and we have enjoyed beating during  the last days of the shooting season.

Erik has been spending time in the crate games group sessions 3 times a week and he is starting to be quieter and seems to have resigned himself that nothing much is happening. In the last session he curled up and was very relaxed for some of the session so I can see good progress with that.

His stop whistle seems also to be making some good progress, the other day he managed to stop the other side of a ditch when he had just spotted the retrieve as I blew the whistle. Previously he would have just gone ahead and got the retrieve without responding to the whistle but this time he stopped!  Progress 🙂