The Diary of a Squeaky Gundog

11th January 2018

Training Diary Day 103-133

Day 103 As ever continuing work on the run/don’t run. Also today I did a little bit of shaping with Erik.  Interesting as it has come […]
12th December 2017

Training Diary Day 99 to 102

Day 99 Consolidating the run/don’t run work, and then Erik tried out his new wet suit for a swim in the river and did some water […]
7th December 2017

Training Diary Day 90-98

Day 90 We continued with the run/don’t run work and also did some work on his directions and blinds. Erik had another crate games session with […]
30th November 2017

Training Diary Day 75-89

Day 75 Today we continued consolidating run/don’t run when I go to throw the ball. Also I noticed that Erik is starting to offer lying outside […]
13th November 2017

Training Diary Day 68-74

Day 68 Did some more work on tug and release and cold game retrieves Day 69 Erik was demo dog at another crate games session today. […]
6th November 2017

Training diary Day 61-67

Day 61 Today was a rest day after Erik had his back treated. Day 62 We worked on Erik’s stop whistle and the permanent blind today […]