Training Diary Day 90-98

Training Diary Day 75-89
30th November 2017
Training Diary Day 99 to 102
12th December 2017
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Day 90

We continued with the run/don’t run work and also did some work on his directions and blinds.

Erik had another crate games session with the crate door shut he managed to watch for the hour with only an occasional noise. He was lying down for the majority of the time.

Day 91

Consolidating the run/don’t run work.

Day 92

Travelling and consolidating the run/don’t run work.

Day 93

We spent the whole day out beating with friends which was great. Less noise from Erik when waiting around in general and he was more controlled and responsive than last time we were out at this venue.  He only really lost the plot when we were standing for about 20 mins very near the guns as birds were flushed over us and being shot and falling close to us.  No silent all day but definitely better than it has been.

Day 94

Travelled to visit another friend who has children and Erik was very good and stayed in his bed out of the way for most of the time whilst three young children bopped about doing what they do.

Day 95

Today we had a lesson and I was very restrained and we worked on stop to throw whilst hunting and stop to shot whilst hunting plus bits of retrieving. Erik stopped to all but one throw and on that one he stopped on the whistle.  Nothing earth shattering this lesson but nice to see things are starting to consolidate.  There is a long way still to go to add stop and wait but I am pleased with progress.

Day 96

Consolidating the run/don’t run work.

Day 97

Consolidating the run/don’t run work, along with some retrieving over obstacles.

Day 98

Consolidating the run/don’t run work and doing some hunting and retrieving training