Training Diary Day 181-199

Impulse control, Self-management and Handler-cued control
22nd March 2018
Training Diary Day 200 – 212
12th April 2018
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Day 181

More crate games today and I worked on rewarding relaxed behaviour. In the final session I had to get Erik out to be a distraction as only one person could make it to the group because of snow.  He worked nicely and then when he was back in his crate he settled well.  So well that for the last 15 mins of the session I left the door open and he stayed in the crate and curled up as if the door was closed even though there was some novel fluffy toys out on the floor as distractors.  I’m really happy with this session.  I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.


Day 182-184

Snow days! 🙂  Not much training but lots of fun in the snow.


Day 185  – Day 199

We have had some good training sessions but not had the time to write about it so a summary again!

Erik is continuing to make good progress with crate games, the latest session he spent a whole hour in the crate with the door open and didn’t come out and curled up in the back of the crate and just watched the world go by. Very pleased with that 🙂

We have been working hard on the swapping tug toys when he is very aroused with playing tug and that is also going well. He can now let go of his favourite tug whilst enthusiastically tugging and sit to wait for permission to reengage on a different toy on a single cue.  He can do this with the second tug hidden behind my back.  I’m really pleased with this progress.  We will continue to practice this with all sorts of toys before retrying retrieves with a pheasant and using the same cue to swap the bird for a tug toy.

We have also been practicing his blind retrieve left and right and this is becoming more fluent.

We have also had some more snow which has been fun again.