Raising Ragnar – 8th Instalment

Training Diary Day 305-332
6th August 2018
Raising Ragnar – 9th Instalment
6th August 2018
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The car is in the garage today so all walks have had to be on the lead for at least some of it. So far we have had two twenty minute walks and Ragnar has been amazing.  I had both the dogs and apart from some times when he was distracted by people or stuff he walked really well in between Erik and me.  A lot less randomly running around in big circles and lots more walking in a straight line which makes my life easier as he is not so much of a trip hazard.  Lots of rewarding the good stuff, so I am getting through loads of treats 🙂


More lead work with the boys today and Ragnar did really well even on a new route.

We also started crate games. All went well and we got to ‘yer out yer in’ which went well even though I had forgotten to bring a lead but he still went back in anyway – ‘I get chicken in the crate!!!’

Need to do some more practice but a good start.


We practiced more lead work in the park and met some more dogs and walked a bit further today.

I have moved Ragnar into the main car crate in the boot of the car now as he is travelling so well. He doesn’t appear to be bothered by the transition but he is still working out about being quiet whilst watching me talk to owners and dogs in the car park at work.  I had a good opportunity to do cover up/cover down whilst I had a long chat in the car park with one set of clients.  He was quiet after the first time I covered his crate.  Now all I have to do is train the people not to play with the puppy and we will be sorted!


Life is moving on a pace. Ragnar is doing fine in the main car crate in the boot and this is making things a lot easier for me 🙂  I am working hard on building his patterns for exiting the vehicle. Sitting to have his door opened, waiting for the lead to be attached and then released, this is coming on well.

I am also working on taking the boys for a walk together both on and off the lead. Ragnar’s lead work is coming on well and Erik is also doing a good job of heelwork on and off lead.  The walk together to heel from the car into the park and then sit, Ragnar has his lead taken off and they are both rewarded and then allowed to go and mooch.

Playing with toys with both of the boys together has been a bit of a challenge and we are slowly working through that. Initially Ragnar wouldn’t let go of his toy but now he will swap it for food.  This is where I am so glad that I have already taught Erik to play with his own toy and to wait when told.  This means that Erik delivers his toy and waits whilst I swap Ragnar’s toy for food.  Both get rewarded and then the toys are thrown again.  This is still a work in progress with Ragnar as he still wants to possess the toy and wants Erik to chase him with the toy.  Ragnar will throw himself at Erik and then run off, happily Erik isn’t interested so this is becoming less.

I have also needed to work on teaching Ragnar to sit a wait whilst Erik delivers his toy if I already have hold of Ragnar’s toy. Playing is really hard work for me at the moment but I am sure that as we continue with the training that it will all work out.

We have done some more ‘It’s Yes Choice’ games and Ragnar did really well with that.

Also big news Ragnar can now go through the night without needing to go to the toilet – happy days 🙂

Ragnar is becoming a lot more confident when meeting new dogs down in the park, he still has a healthy dose of self-preservation but is happy to go and say hi. There are several dogs that he has met frequently and he is starting to recognise them.

This week I have managed to get some more training in a different part of the park, starting to generalise Ragnar’s on and off lead heelwork and his sit and touch cues. We have also been working on the beginnings of a retrieve.  When Erik isn’t around Ragnar will go out for a toy and bring it back and drop when I click.  He is much less interested in the toy when there isn’t another dog around.

He has also been swimming several times and continues to enjoy it immensely, even ‘dock jumping’ off the side of the leat to go and play with someone else’s ball.

14/7 – 15/7

This weekend was a water training weekend so bit boring for the boys as they had to spend a lot of time waiting in the car. Lots of swimming and playing during break times.  Not much training done.