Raising Ragnar – 7th Instalment

Raising Ragnar – 6th Instalment
25th June 2018
Training Diary Day 273 – 304
5th July 2018
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There was a lot of sleeping in the car punctuated by various trips out to see what was going on, socialise with all the clients and rampage around with Erik and a toy during breaks. Ragnar recalled away from other people and dogs and learned to swap his toy for chicken so we got some nice chase, carry, and swap for food going.  As it had been a long hot day for the dogs I stopped on the way home to let the boys have a play in the stream, Erik was swimming and Ragnar had a good dash about in the shallows enjoying the water.


The second day was also very hot and Ragnar was happy to sleep the day away in his crate with various trips out to experience the workshop.

On the way home we went to the stream again and today he decide that he could swim, so he did! Not at all bothered and seemed to enjoy himself immensely.


Still hot today and so most of our walks involve being near water. First thing Ragnar went for a paddle and a swim and then second walk he managed to retrieve a toy out of the water after swimming out to it  a short distance, if I had had chicken then I would have had a delivery too!!! As it was he managed to run around a bit with it before putting it down to have a shake.  All bodes well for his water retrieving later on 🙂  All at only 11weeks old!!!


Another hot day so more swimming, this time more confident and several good retrieves whilst swimming. I will need to do more of this separate from Erik as Ragnar gets a bit over excited when Erik comes out of the water with his toy and will jump at Erik barking – not good learning me thinks!


I walked the boys separately this morning, now Ragnar is familiar with the park I need to crack on with doing training each morning when I am out with them. The park is great as there is shade to park the car so that the dog who is waiting doesn’t cook.

So today we worked on some lead work and then taught Ragnar a hand touch using the clicker, he concentrated really well and we even got to the stage of adding a cue and the some cue discrimination with sit.

He met and had a play with some other dogs afterwards so it was really good, there was a quiet time when not much was happening so we could train and then we had some time to socialise afterwards.

28/6 – 1/7

I have continued to mainly walk the boys separately for at least one walk of the day so that I can continue on with Ragnar’s training. Ragnar has also continued with his swimming, progressing on to the water training venue pond where he was jumping in from the side with no hesitation.

He has been to a couple of new places to walk and had another urban lead walk with Erik. He is still a bit all over the place during these walks so he is on his harness.  Good position is reinforced and not too worried about the dashing about at the moment.  Erik is being very stoical about being wrapped in the puppy’s lead!!!

He has also moved to his next size up in collars so now really is Erik’s Mini me with a green collar too 🙂  The top picture is Ragnar contemplating the world in his new collar.  This is the boys looking for biscuits in the gravel.