Raising Ragnar 24th Instalment

Raising Ragnar 23rd Instalment
1st February 2020
Raising Ragnar 25th Instalment
1st February 2020
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End of October, and November

Most of the rest of Oct and Nov were a bit of a right off as Ragnar had a couple of injuries which meant that he was on restricted exercise so no training.  The good thing was that I spent a couple of months just working on lead work and as a result, things are much better and more consistent.  We were also doing physio exercises which has improved his tolerance to being handled.  Other than that, it has been a boring couple of months for all of us.


We have been slowly getting back to full exercise and a small amount of training.

We did however manage to get out beating on Boxing day and I worked both dogs together for the first time.  They did a great job.  Ragnar was a bit chasey on the first couple of flushes but soon got back into the habit of responding to his stop whistle.  He also managed to follow Erik across some streams and work a bit further away from me occasionally which is good.