Profile : Sian Ryan

Sian Ryan

SianSian Ryan gained her MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour from the University of Lincoln with distinction in 2011. Whilst finishing her dissertation on Self Control in Pet Dogs she worked as a behaviour counsellor and trainer in the Lincoln Animal Behaviour Clinic and went on to work as a researcher looking at novel ways of measuring emotions in dogs in 2012.

With several years of dog training experience, Sian was the first course tutor for Life Skills for Puppies training class…es and helped create and develop the course, as well as tutoring on the Life Skills for Puppies Trainers Courses offered by the University of Lincoln. Sian writes for several organisations and her book No Walks? No Worries! (with co-author Helen Zulch and photographer Peter Baumber) was published in October 2014.

Sian has also appeared as an animal training and behaviour expert on Bang Goes the Theory and was consulted during the making of Inside the Animal Mind with Chris Packham. Sian is the training and
behaviour presenter for a new BBC2 dog and owner challenge programme (You and Your Dog: The Perfect Partnership) to be broadcast in autumn 2016.

Sian owns and runs the Developing Dogs Training Centre and Holiday Cottages in Cambridgeshire, as well as giving seminars and workshops across the country.

Sian’s workshops will be: –


Second Nature Self Control:

Exploring how to use the power of habitual behaviours to build strong impulse control and frustration tolerance. Going back to basics and examining every interaction for opportunities to bring self control and frustration tolerance to the heart of your dog’s daily routines, setting them up to build their self control muscles, ready for use in the field or anywhere they find it difficult to remain calm. The workshop will cover day to day situations and exercises to help you and your dog build good habits.

Chase Me!

Harnessing predatory instincts to build self control. This workshop will use flirt poles / whippits, tug toys, balls/dummies and anything else you want to bring along (perhaps no cats / sheep / cyclists!) that your dog finds super-exciting and difficult to resist. If you’ve never used a flirt pole this will show you how to introduce one for your dog, and can refine techniques if you’re not sure you’re getting the best from using one, or how to increase the level of arousal / excitement appropriately.