Profile : Jane Ardern

Jane Ardern BSc (Hons) Dip.CABT

Jane is a leading dog trainer and behaviourist in the UK, who specialises in issues concerning working and performance dogs. Recognised as a hands-on realist, Jane combines an academic background with extensive practical experience as an ‘in the trenches’ trainer. In 2016 she was awarded Kennel Club Dog Trainer of the Year.

Jane and Pickles

In 2012 Jane graduated with an honours degree in canine behaviour and training from Hull University. She was invited to return to the university to teach on the foundation degree course, and went on to study for a level 3 award in education and training. She was given recognised teacher status up to level 6 in canine related subjects by Hull University. Jane has lectured for COAPE, the internationally course provider for animal behaviourists, delivering their Level 5 OfQual practical modules.

Jane owns WaggaWuffins Canine College, which provides puppy, pet dog and gundog training. She provides online support through a membership community for other enthusiasts and professionals, is the creator of Smart Pup, a puppy training subscription box and author of the book Mission Control – How to Train the High Drive Dog. Jane is a member of the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) and has spoken at many seminars and events.

Jane says she has learned the most when knee-deep in mud in a wood full a pheasants, rabbit and deer, applying the classroom theory to the real world. Her mission is to help people who are looking for a positive and ethical solution to problems around excitement, arousal, drive and predatory behaviour.

Professional memberships

The Gundog Club Accredited Instructor and Assessor

Animal Behaviour and Training Council Registered Animal Trainer

ICAN Accredited Behaviourist

Full Member of APDT UK

Member of the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers

Workshop One – Hunting for Working and Pet Dogs

Using body language to train for turns and close quartering
Reading your dog and understanding connected hunting vs focus
Using different reinforcement for different dogs depending on drive

Workshop Two – Impulse Control for Hunting

Working Release Cue and Stop and Start Drills
The Turn Whistle Game
The Snuffle Mat Stop

Prerequisites for these workshops

Clicker or Verbal Marker Experience and Competence