Profile : Celia Cohen

Celia Cohen ACPAT(A), MCSP BSc phys, MSc Vetphys, HCPC

Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Veterinary Physiotherapy.

With her dual qualification in Human (BSc hons) and Veterinary Physio (MSc). Celia has vast experience in all things orthopaedic and injury related. She was a Clinical Specialist in back pain for the NHS. Now she concentrates on treating animals with the occasional  human thrown in.

Celia and Con

She has an interest in pain and spinal pathology and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise is this area.

She treats all kinds of dogs but has a leaning towards working / agility dogs and is lucky to work alongside some brilliant Trainers, Behaviourists and Hydrotherapists.

Educating and empowering owners on prevention and self management are key to her beliefs.

She has two GSDs  and could be accused of being a bit of a ‘Crazy dog lady’

Seminar – The what, why and how of Injury prevention for Gundogs.

-Stages of Musculoskeletal development

-Sport specific injuries in the young, working and older dog

-Management –training and in the field

-Strategies for longevity

– The importance of conditioning  through the ages


  • Conditioning and exercises from pup preparation, maintenance and pre season training.
  • Managing the older dog