Profile : Andrew Hale and Matt Donovan

Andrew Hale Bsc. ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac

Andrew is a Certified Animal Behaviourist with Association of INTODogs. He is the behaviour consultant for Pet Remedy and the British Isles Grooming Association and is a Canine Arthritis Management Expert Advisor. He also works to support many dog rescue organisations around the UK. Andrew has a human psychology background and is passionate about exploring the emotional experience that lies behind behaviour, both in dogs and the humans around them. Andrew has played a leading role in the UK Dog training and behaviour community, having been the chair of the Association of INTODogs, and the driving force behind the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter.

Andrew and Molly

In 2020, Andrew started Dog Centred Care, which focusses on supporting a dog led approach to providing the best care and support.  Within the online FB Dog Centred Care group, he has been hosting on-line conversations with some of the world’s leading trainers, scientists, researchers, trauma experts and veterinarians. Andrew has also co-hosted the Beyond The Operant series of conversations ( These conversations are credited with helping transform the perceptions and language around dog training and behaviour. 

Seminar – Understanding the Emotional Experience

In this talk Andrew will examine the importance of the emotional experience for both the dog and the handler. Understanding the emotional, as well as the physical, care and support needs of the dog can really help in getting the most out of our working dogs. Andrew will provide a basic introduction into understanding a dogs processing and nervous system responses and how this can impact on their ability to perform a working role.


Workshop – Using ACE Freework

In this workshop Andrew and Matt will introduce you to the power of Sarah Fisher’s ACE Freework, both as a tool to help dogs decompress, and as a way to help with good observations of the dog’s physical and emotional needs.

Matt Donovan A.C.E Freework Affiliate Instructor

Matt is an ACE (Animal Centred Education) Associate Tutor and a member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). Matt is a passionate advocate for a holistic approach to dog education. Matt runs South West Dog Skills with his partner.

Matt Donovan

Supporting guardians to embrace a rounded approach to living with their dogs is the reason South West Dog Skills was created. Matt’s background of working with adults and young people with Special Needs and Disabilities has given him a vast knowledge of education strategies that enables Matt to adapt environments and provide information in a way that engages both dogs and humans.

Matt’s passion lies in giving dogs choice, empowerment and opportunities.