Contact Us

Sally Jones
+44 (0)1404 841340

Leanne Smith
+44 (0)1884 33737
07811 048555

Training venue only:
Ponchydown Farm
Nr Cullompton
EX15 2HQ

Postal address only:
Rull Farm
EX14 3JQ

Telephone messages
First contact with us tends to be by phone and we welcome this. However, you will often get the answerphone so please brace yourselves for leaving a message. If you leave a message we would ask two things please:

• Be brief, speak clearly and when leaving your phone number speak slowly.
• If you do not receive a call back within two days, please ring again as sometimes the message is unintelligible for some reason.

Please note, Sally’s mobile phone does not get reception at her house so if you leave a message she will not receive it until she drives out of the area, perhaps days later. I will include my number here (07777 652132) because it does work at the training venue and you may need it if you get lost or are running late.